Weighed and Measured

January 1, 2012 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Guest Preaching

Passage: Daniel 5:1–5:31

Weighed and Measured
Christ Memorial Church
Daniel 5:1-31
January 1, 2012

God sovereignly removes and establishes kingdoms; pointing us forward to the Kingdom of God, given to Jesus Christ, the only One weighed and measured and ultimately found worthy.

I. Proud King and His Party (Daniel 5:1-12)

          A. Idolatrous Feast (Daniel 5:1-4)

          B. Writing is on the Wall (Daniel 5:5-9)

          C. Forgotten Prophet with Divine Wisdom (Daniel 5:10-12)

II. Prophet and His Interpretation (Daniel 5:13-28)

          A. Prophet and Terms Confirmed (Daniel 5:13-16)

          B. History Lesson Not Learned (Daniel 5:17-21)

          C. Accusations Against the King Stated (Daniel 5:22-24)

          D. Divine Judgment Pronounced (Daniel 5:25-28)

III. Payments and Progression (Daniel 5:29-31)

          A. Prophet is Exalted (Daniel 5:29)

          B. King is Slain (Daniel 5:30)

          C. Kingdom Passed to Medes & Persians (Daniel 5:31)