I Am The Resurrection and The Life

April 16, 2017 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Easter 2017

Topic: Easter 2017 Passage: John 11:28–11:53

I Am The Resurrection and The Life
Christ Proclamation Church
John 11:28-53
April 16, 2017

Sermon Theme: Jesus Christ demonstrates that He is the resurrection and the life by speaking life out of death and raising a man from the grave. This sign demands a response because it proves that Jesus indeed is the Messiah.

I. Reality of the Resurrection – (John 11:28-44)
    A. Pain of Death – (vv.28-37)
    B. Confirmation of Death – (vv.38-39)
    C. Preparation for Life – (vv.40-42)
    D. Declaration of Life – (vv.43-44)

II. Response to the Resurrection – (John 11:45-57)
    A. Faith in Jesus – (v.45)
    B. Unbelief and Conspiracy to Kill – (vv.46-57)
       1. Purpose in Jesus' Death – (vv.46-52)
       2. Planning for Jesus' Death – (v.53)

III. Responding to Jesus – (Application)
    A. Are You Ignoring Him?
    B. Are You Opposing Him?
    C. Are You Believing in Him?

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