The Promised Son

July 9, 2017 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Genesis

Topic: Genesis Passage: Genesis 20:1–21:38

The Promised Son
Christ Proclamation Church
Genesis 20:1-21:38
July 9, 2017

Sermon Theme: Although the people of God are often filled with contradiction, God's covenant commitment to save and to sanctify through the Promised Son cannot be thwarted. Since this process is all of grace, believers must delight themselves in Christ in order to run with endurance the race set before them.

I. God's Sovereign Grace – (Genesis 20:1-18)
    A. Sinful Presentation – (vv.1-2)
    B. Sovereign Intervention – (vv.3-7)  
    C. Ironic Confrontation – (vv.8-13)
    D. Gracious Provision – (vv.14-18)

II. God's Clarifying Grace – (Genesis 21:1-21)
    A. The Son of God's Promise – (vv.1-7)
    B. The Son of Man's Plan – (vv.8-21)
        1. God's Clarification of Isaac
        2. God's Protection of Ishmael
        3. God's Purpose of Grace

III. God's Transforming Grace – (Genesis 21:22-34)
    A. Abimelech's Observation – (vv.22-24)
    B. Abraham's Confrontation – (vv.25-32)
    C. Abraham's Transformation – (vv.33-34)

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