The Consequences of Sin

October 1, 2017 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Genesis

Topic: Genesis Passage: Genesis 34:1–35:29

The Consequences Of Sin
Christ Proclamation Church
Genesis 34:1-35:29

Sermon Theme: Even after a person comes to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the residual affects of sin are ugly and offensive. Praise God that despite our wickedness, He remains faithful and is therefore worthy of our worship!

I. The Defiling of Dina – (Gen. 34:1-31)
    A. The Rape of Dina – (34:1-4)
    B. The Response of Jacob – (34:5-13)
    C. The Deceitfulness of Jacob's Sons – (34:14-31)
        1. The deception of Hamor and Shechem
        2. The murder and plunder of the Shechemites
        3. The surprising response of Jacob

II. The Incest of Reuben - (Gen. 35:1-29)
    A. The Call to Worship – (35:1-4)
    B. The Faithfulness of God – (35:5-7, 9-15)
        1. The protection of God
        2. The presence of God
    C. The Reality of Sin – (35:8, 16-29)
        1. The death of Deborah, Rachel, and Isaac
        2. The decision of Reuben to sleep with Bilhah

III. The Faithfulness of God – (Other Texts)
    A. The Sinfulness of Men – (Matthew 5:21-30)
    B. The Need for Jesus – (Titus 3:3-7)
    C. The Call to Worship – (John 4:23-24)

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